THE BATMAN movie review

Let's start this by telling you all I have been anxiously awaiting this movie since the first trailer came out over a year ago. Even though the whole superhero thing has been going on for quite some time now & I definitely have felt some of that fatigue personally. I think the comic book mojo hit a all time low with the Disney plus stuff. I am probably in the minority on this but I was not feeling Wanda Vision or Falcon and the winter solider. In my opinion that entire lineup felt like I was watching some network TV back in the 90s. The shows all seemed to take the same beats with story telling and trying to jam in as many one liners as humanly possible. From a visual standpoint the production levels on the MARVEL stuff is always very high but too clean and polished for my liking. If you all remember the Power Ranger movie with IVAN ooze... those are the vibes I got aesthetically from those shows. Which is why when the first THE BATMAN trailer dropped the fact that they had Nirvanas "Something in the way" as BATMAN walked through a grim crime scene. To see the visual approach be something closer to a film noire rather than the run of the mill super hero style was extremely refreshing.