[NBA- FASTBREAK] Have the Lakers finally figured it out?

“Unbelievable, man — on both sides of the floor. Playing like an MVP of this league. Straight dominance,” James told reporters Sunday. “I just think he just hit a switch and he knows how dominant he can be. … He’s got every aspect of his game working right now.”

It doesn't feel too long ago when #LakerNation was calling for @Laker GM Rob Pelinka's head on a platter. For the "Brody" Russell Westbrook to retire and go play with Dwight Howard in Taiwan and overheating the trade machine with Patrick Beverly two picks and and the Oscar De La Hoya statue that sits outside what real Laker fans will always call "STAPLES"

The sky wasn't necessarily falling yet but things looked bleak. Then when like it felt things couldn't get any worse LeBron would injure his groin against their hallway rivals @LACLIPPERS early in November losing the game and pushing their losing record to 2-9 at that time. Little did we know as Laker fans this would be the beginning of Anthony Davis's resurgence of not only being the best player on the team but arguably the best player in the league. 

Sounds crazy right? Well as any sports fan would tell you things can change fast in sports. Especially the NBA.

Since LeBron missed an extended period of time due to that injury the Lakers have a 8-2 record, including an impressive win over the Milwaukee Bucks and win last night against the Washington Wizards. It's pretty safe to say this is the best stretch of basketball that this team has played all season. It's also very clear why.


AD has in a short time went from being on the second in line behind Russell Westbrook for team scapegoat to being in the league MVP conversation.

In his last 10 games Davis is averaging 34.2PPG 15.4REB and almost 3steals and 3blocks per game. Sunday night being his breakout game of the year putting up godly numbers. AD scored a season high 55 points and grabbed 17 boards in a dominate performance. 

That's coming off a 44 and 10 night against the greek freak where the Lakers played a highly competitive playoff atmosphere game of the year.


 I will mention the addition of Dennis Schroder and Thomas Bryant have added some depth to the rotation and surprisingly some much needed offense.

I have never been a big fan of Schroder's game but I can honestly say this season he's done a fantastic job running the offense when Lebron and Russ aren't out there. As for Bryant he is a much better scorer off the bench than fellow big Wenyen Gabriel and even a better shooter than this off seasons pickup's Toscano Anderson and Patrick Beverly.

Now we all know the key to any Laker season is health. Considering that it seems like Bron is turning a ankle every other game now I don't know if he can stay healthy all season but I do feel like Anthony Davis's recommitment to being the baddest man on the court will help him stay healthy. Any weekend warrior knows that once you start playing the game without full focus or attention those weird injuries start to happen. 

Let's all hope that what the Lakers have found in running the team through AD continues to bring the team success because wether you're a Laker fan or not you have to admit these games are so much more entertaining when the stars are healthy and competing.

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