Player Profile:Brian (LA FIT)

Brian is a hooper I've met at LAFIT. Extremely nice & humble human being who loves the game of basketball.




  • Excellent midrange jump shooter. Can make off catch & shoot. Also can pull off a hesitation dribble.
  • High basketball IQ, can pick up drills and concepts quickly and is a team-first player.
  • Has the potential to dominate gym-level play with his jumper paired with shifty quickness.

What we need to work on

  • Ball Handling, "Shiftyness," and ability to swivel hips.
  • Attacking the rim with confidence.
  • Speed & explosiveness.
  • Pulling shots quicker and with more confidence.


    1. Dominate gym games with an average of 5 shots and 2ast per game.
    2. Score 30 in a league game.
    3. Play more confidently and free-flowing.
    4. Come off screens and DHO (dribble handoffs) into a jumper.
Workout #1 :07/12/2023 7:45 AM- 8:45 AM

INTRODUCTION: Setting goals 

  • Pound dribbles right hand, left hand.
  • Cross-over dribble, a cross between, behind the back.
  • One-legged shot confidence right and left leg. Close->Medium.
  • Pass and relocate to the left wing extended. 
  • Two cone cross + cross into a lefty lay.
  • Cross + stepback jumper. A little difficulty swiveling hips for a broad base.
  • Freethrows 9/10.

Summary: Great first workout with Brian. He had a fantastic attitude and wanted to get better. Solid footwork on the pass and relocation drill. Already has an excellent jump shot. Only a few minor adjustments are needed. I noticed that when he would overthink during an exercise, the shot release would happen on decent instead of at the top of the jump. I look forward to working with Brian in the future, I have a detailed view on how to help him improve his all around offesnive game.